Wired and wireless internet

What is a good internet connection without a WiFi router with adequate range? It´s a source of annoyance. Therefore we offer routers and access points with a wide range, for private home owners and for businesses. You can buy our products on-line, but we can install them for you aswell. Click on the picture below find out how your business can make money by offering paid internet access to your customers, and how to have a fast and reliable WiFi network around the house.

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Internet via Satellite

Nowadays everyone needs a fast and reliable internet connection. Unfortunately in a lot of regions in Portugal a good connection by conventional means (ADSL/Cable) is not available.

We offer fast internet connections via satellite. These satellite connections are highly reliable and fast. We can install your internet connection within a day, no matter where you live. The only thing you need is 220 volt mains.

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